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Terms and Conditions

There is a daily kilometers limit of 280 km. This NOT means that the client can travel no more than 280 km per day. To get the total kilometers admitted in every rental contract we have to multiply 280 km by the number of rental days and this will result in the Total Kilometers of the trip. Each customer decides how they want to distribute their kilometers daily. In the event that they exceed that number of kilometers, an extra cost of 20 USD must be paid for every 50 km (or fraction) traveled.

All our motorhomes have mandatory insurance (SOAP), that is the insurance that every vehicle must have to transit through Chile. In addition to this, for an extra cost (mentioned above), the client has the option to hire another insurance against third parties and total loss of the Motorhome. In case of any other damages, the amount that the customer leaves for the concept of guarantee, will be used to cover these costs.

The client will have an assistance number provided at the moment of receiving the Motorhome, to which he/she undertakes to notify immediately in the event of any accident, damage, malfunction and/or theft during the trip.

In the event of a major and fortuitous malfunction, Nómade Motorhomes will provide telephone or in-person assistance depending on both the distance and the seriousness of the case. In terms of the economic responsibility of the eventual problem, Nómade Motorhomes is responsible only up to a certain limit (as stipulated in the corresponding signed contract), and any damage attributable to the lessee will end up charging the repair costs to the customer’s account. The lessee agrees to make good use of the vehicles delivered by Nómade Motorhomes as well as its devices. The lessee agrees to respect all the laws in force and they are assumed to be known, therefore the traffic fines or penalties that are issued to him/her are his/her absolute responsibility and he/she should answer to the law for his/her actions or omissions.

The Motorhomes will be delivered to the customer clean and in optimal conditions, and it is expected that they will be returned in the same way. According to the contract, the client is compromised to return the Motorhome with the gray and black water tanks completely empty, and with the fuel tank at the same level in which it was delivered. Otherwise, fines will be charged to the guarantee as stipulated in the corresponding clause of the contract signed on the day of delivery.

In any case, there is a mandatory charge for internal and external sanitation of the gray and black water ponds, in addition to a complete cleaning of the vehicle.

In the event that it is required to cancel the lease, this must be notified at least 30 days in advance of the delivery date, otherwise 20% of the total compensation amount will be withheld, with a scale of 40% if cancelled with 10 days or less, to a 100% fine if the vehicle is not presented on the day of delivery. 

As an alternative and free of charge, you can modify the rental dates by keeping the reservation. This must be notified at least 20 days before the date of delivery of the vehicle and may be modified according to availability with a deadline of 4 months. If the change of lease date is notified within a period of less than indicated, the corresponding charge will be carried out for 20% of the total. The maximum allowed changes in the stipulated period is 2 times and the amount of rental days originally quoted must be respected. If you want to reduce the number of days of rent, a retention of 40% of the amount corresponding to the reduced days will be made.

Exceptional cases: If your commune of residence is in phase 1 (quarantine ) once the date of your trip has arrived, you can modify your reservation free of charge regardless of the date of notification of this fact. If you wish to cancel, a charge of 10% of the total amount for administrative and operational costs will be made.


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