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Hi! Before you start browsing our site, we believe it is essential that you get to know us first, tell you how and where we were born, and what we are really looking for when we embarking on this project. Welcome to your next Nomad adventure!

Our History

Nómade Motorhomes is a company born from the wonderful experience of a very adventure family native and raised in Concón, in the V Region, and who has been traveling around Chile in Motorhome more than 15 years.Our long experience has given us the tools and knowledge to know better than many, the advantages and benefits that exist when you travel in this type of vehicle through our country, and that is why we decided start the first Chilean company of Motorhomes in offer the practical and modern Motorhomes European Diesel.

Here you can find 3 different models of Motorhomes. Their names were attributed in memory of 3 original peoples who lived in a nomad way in our territory, and it is precisely here where we want to make the connection, why we want more families to venture to live a couple of days in a way close to the one they lived; moving togethercooperating between all, working as a team in different tasks, and most importantly, in contact with nature, the land, the sea or the forest, living magical moments that can remain in the team, in the travel group... in The Family. This is what we’re really looking for.

Beyond rental these wonderful machines, we want you to know that here you will find a unique way to vacation and spend your weekends, as you will have an outdoor experience with factors such as: the adventure of being in contact with nature, and the freedom of being able to move when they want and how they want, all this without losing the comfortquiet security that gives you Home! In short, an unparalleled outdoor experience.



Our mission is to be the medium that drives and motivates not only our customers, but all the people to go outexplorediscover new places and get excited with the natural and cultural treasures that Chile has.


Our vision is to become leaders in the rental industry and routes for Motorhomes in Chile, creating the first network of camping contacts specially enabled for this type of vehicles, thus facilitating the option of choosing a vacation and enjoy this way the natural and cultural wonders of our country.

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