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Diario La Tercera: Boom de motorhomes en Chile por la pandemia: sobredemanda y una temporada alta más extensa son parte de la tendencia.

«Se trata de una opción de transporte y pernoctación unidas que permite mantener la distancia social, recorrer diversos lugares, y disfrutar de la naturaleza o deporte aventura».

Diario Financiero: Vacaciones Sobre Ruedas! 

Les compartimos la nota sobre vehículos recreacionales y la tendencia para viajar en pandemia.
Para arriendo, nuestras Motorhomes se presentan como una alternativa segura, protegida y con todas las comodidades necesarias para viajar en estas vacaciones. 

More and more Chilean families are encouraged to travel in campers and motorhomes. Learn more about this rising trend in this report from El Mercurio (Economy and Business) where they recommend us as a leading rental company!.

Nomade Motorhomes is a tremendous experience for adults and children. Definitely take the house where we go is very comfortable, especially with children.

Since we arrived with the Motorhomes to the house the children were shocked! Getting into a car with a kitchen, refrigerator, beds and bathroom had them mouth open. We could put the two children’s chairs and an egg for the bus tied with the seatbelts that he brings in the part of the dining room (the table is saved) and we left!

We participated in the V version of the Great Outdoor Festival (Go Fest) in Curacaví on October 13, 14 and 15, 2016 with more than 3,000 people visiting our stand.

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