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Diesel Models

We are the first company in Chile to specialize in European Motorhomes Diesel Models



Our vehicles have an average road performance of 10 Km/lt versus traditional Motorhomes (3 km/lt)

Saving highway checkpoint

Having a single axle, you pay checkpoint as a normal car!


Our Fleet

Changos Model

It is perfect for families or groups of friends. It is equipped for 6 people (4 adults and 2 children). Here you will find the newest model of the entire fleet, the jewel of the route 5! It will surely leave more than some observer with an open mouth.

Chonos Model

It is characterized by its cozy 2-seater beds. Equipped for 6 people (4 adults + 2 children) it is ideal for travelers in love, as it can receive more than one couple comfortably. In addition, it has a HUGE cellar where you can take all the stuff you want!

Kawéskar Model

Te brindará toda la comodidad en términos de espacio. Equipado para que lo habiten hasta 7 personas (5 adultos y 2 niños) con 1 comedor extra. Si son una familia numerosa, o privilegian el espacio antes que todo, esta Motorhome es de ustedes.

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